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Beige Beauty By Keshika Taneja

Art Description:- Beauty has no color. No matter what the color of the flower is, it is just a small

Blues by Keshika Taneja

Art Description:- Blue, the color is known to have a fresh and a calming effect on one’s mind. The different

Did someone say “WTF”? By Keshika Taneja

Art Description:- After Monday and Tuesday, Even the calendar says WTF.. Frame Description :- Frame: 0.75″ Black colour High quality Synthetic

Keep Going By Keshika Taneja

Art Description:- Don’t watch the clock, do what it does. Add this in your work space to give yourself a

Your own constellation By Keshika Taneja

Art Description:- The one who has faith, makes their stars collide in the most beautiful way. Frame Description :- Frame: 0.75″